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PeerEngage provides corporate marketers with winning Web-based online marketing strategies. Our approach continuously tracks and optimizes creative programs to ensure a rapid and quantifiable return on investments–making your online campaigns engaging, effective, and measurable. Learn more >>


The PeerEngage team has helped a wide array of industry-leading clients realize the marketing potential of the Internet, including:    ThermoFisher
Museum of Science

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PeerEngage uses a wide array of Internet Marketing technologies to help you rapidly develop robust and cost-effective Internet marketing campaigns. With sophisticated data management and reporting, PeerEngage monitors and optimizes the performance of any online campaign, as it’s happening. You know what works and what doesn’t, in real-time, the only time that matters. Learn more >>

Case Study: FPL

Florida Power and Light took full advantage of our skills to test twenty-seven offers before pulling the switch and going live to over 800,000 customers. By tracking nearly 8 million data points, PeerEngage provided results that far exceeded expectations.

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Our Work

The PeerEngage team has provided marketing solutions for firms of all sizes and industries. The result is a vast and varied portfolio of unique solutions. We continue to take great pride in everything we do and we invite you to have fun exploring our work. See our work >>

Spotlight: HP

HP hired the PeerEngage team as a critical development partner for their “Change Artists” campaign, a thought-leadership platform that allows HP to maintain an ongoing dialogue with senior IT executives. As the campaign’s technical lead, the PeerEngage team was able to seamlessly integrate and manage all of the Change Artists elements, including webcasts, archived video, media, white-papers and other online tools.

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